Samstag, 14. März 2009

Interview mit Jeff Ladd

B: Q & A with Jeff Ladd
I remember I was in class with Thomas Roma and he was the one that made me realize that this was a big problem. He was critiquing some portraits of old people I made in the street with a 6X9 camera and he bluntly asked me if those photos were interesting enough to make me leave my naked girlfriend in bed in order to go out and make them. They weren't - to a 19 or 20 year old male not much was - but I got his point. That's when I started photographing in nightclubs and looking at my own lust and that of others. That's the time my pictures became more about my interest and ultimately about me. Things became very interesting after that.
Sehr lesenswert.
Fotos von ihm sind u.a. auf seiner Homepage zu finden. Weitere Links im Interview.

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Wouter Brandsma hat gesagt…

That is the best photography related question I have ever seen. And I kept asking it myself too ever since.

Thanks for mentioning Fabian.